We are at CEU San Pablo University, Montepríncipe Campus. Boadilla del Monte, Madrid · Open in Google Maps.

Location of CEU San Pablo, Campus de Monteprincipe

How to get there

You can use public transport, taxi, car, or any of the free shuttles that the organization provides during the event. Because the parking space is limited, we recommend not to go by car and to use public transport, which is surprisingly simple.

Free shuttles

We provide a free shuttle service connecting to Plaza de España that takes 20 minutes for a one-way trip. We have adjusted the schedule according to our experience, but we cannot guarantee seats for everyone. We will publish the timetable on our blog when event dates get closer.

Is there a cloakroom?

We have supervised storage for your coat, helmet, or suitcase. However, neither Commit nor the University are responsible for your belongings.


We are strict when controlling access to the talks. At the registration desk, we give you:

  • A wristband: You must wear this wristband at all times, and show it when requested by the organization. Without your wristband, you will not be allowed access to any session. If you want to use the same ticket for a different person the second day of the event, go to the info point before leaving on Friday, and we will cut your wristband and give you another for the second day.
  • A badge: The only purpose of the badge is to facilitate networking. It is not mandatory to wear it, but it helps to meet new people.

Registration and access control

We use an access control app to verify your ticket. You only have to bring your ticket, printed or in your cell phone.

I will arrive later, or during the second day. How do I register?

The agenda specifies the official registration times, but you can register later at the Info Point in the main hall. The same ticket is valid for Friday and Saturday, you just need to wear your badge and wristband both days.

Should I bring my laptop?

If you plan to attend a workshop, you will probably need it. In any case, it may be useful to take notes or review the speaker slides during a talk. There are power plugs in the workshops, but not in the talks.

What do I need to attend a workshop?

Each speaker documents their workshop requirements on their slot description in the agenda: laptop, have a specific application installed, previous experience, etc.